What Guests Are Saying....


Jordan Arthur Lewis, May 5, 2018

"A wonderfully quaint place for a fantastic meal. The atmosphere is top notch, the servers are very friendly and the food is simply amazing. This eatery should be on every Vermonter's must visit list."

Angie King  February 3, 2018 

"This was the best breakfast I have had in so long. First, the atmosphere is divine, with local art placed around the rooms and natural light streaming in. I had the omelette and it was perfect. The root vegetable hash left me licking my plate. And the raspberry creme brûlée was hands down the most perfect dessert. This place is a gem."

Eric Phelps  December 17, 2017

 "Possibly one of the best cafes I’ve ever been to. Excellent staff, plenty of parking, great atmosphere, and most importantly, amazing food! I highly recommend going on Sundays and trying their weekly specials."